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Electric Storage Heaters

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Electric Storage Heater Replacement

Government grants are now available to home owners, landlords and private tenants, to replace faulty electric storage heaters. We have helped over 10,000 households to apply for an ECO grant.

At UK Eco Solutions we only install the highest quality Electric Storage Heaters. All of our specially selected heaters meet SAP specification criteria for ‘High Heat Retention Storage Heaters.’

The replacement of your storage heater will increase ease of use and allow for more control, due to programming functionality.

UK Eco Solutions

The Benefits

If you live in your home or rent it from a private landlord AND you receive one of the following benefits:

Guaranteed Pension Credit

Child Tax Credit

Working Tax Credit

Universal Credit

Income Based JSA

Income Related ESA

Income Support

Fully Accredited

Fully qualified and certified team of professionals

At UK Eco Solutions we are fully qualified and certified installers.


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